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Regrettably, there is no happy ending for the couple as a cheating scandal jolted the foundation of their relationship.It might truly be the end but rumors of dating sighted by some fans and reporters nearby, it also appears that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are still chummy remembering on and off camera together.Sadly, the sudden ending of their relationship not only destroyed the former couple but also their fans and families as well.

Fans became more and more excited when their romance in the films carried over to real-life.

As reported by Game & Guide, Robert Pattinson was the one who convinced Meyer to make another installment of the vampire-themed series "Twilight." According to the Grape Vine, Pattinson and his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart have expressed their eagerness and excitement to reunite in a reboot of the very popular film series.

Reports have revealed that Robert Pattinson is so desperate to be with Kristen Stewart and work on another "Twilight" project that will boost his sagging career.

Meanwhile, Cargile, who is also Stewart’s former assistant, wore a green polo shirt, gray trousers, black trainers and a red cap.

The couple began dating last year before they broke up in October.

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As a fan, we can hope for nevertheless that maybe someday Stewart and Pattinson would cross paths afresh and by some weird gamble rekindle their once burning love matter.

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