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Add to this the pressure most women in entertainment feel to uphold unrealistic requirements of beauty.Perhaps the saddest thing about Kim's transformation is that it reflects a look that is very much celebrated and applauded -- just not on her.This isn't the first time the 'Magic Stick' hip-hop artist has shocked fans with her ever-changing looks.Back in 2012, Lil Kim sparked rumours of cosmetic surgery - but hit back at the press a few months later accusing them of "sabotaging" her image.

The difference between Kim and so many others who struggle with this specific kind of low self-esteem is that Kim has money and access to doctors willing to indulge and encourage her need to change herself into a different person.

Our shock comes from how extreme this latest photo is, but where was the shock and concern in 2005, when Kim had already clearly began to lighten her skin?

While she is an extreme case, she is not the first dark woman in entertainment who has felt the need to lighten her skin or change her appearance to keep up with the so-called "ideal" beauty.

Lil Kim actually shared the reason why she no longer wanted to be black during a previous interview with She explained how her looks have always haunted her.

As a child, she was scrutinized by her own father, and many of the men she dated reportedly cheated on her with fair-skinned women she categorized as “European-looking” with long hair.

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