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First aired July 22, 2007 Another party starts at the house.Erin mentions that she had a boyfriend and was supposed to get married this year.They arrive back at the house to find a party in progress. The scene ends as Lacey, Brandi C., and Heather are seen piling onto Bret on his bed.The next morning, the other women discuss the three who spent the night in Bret's room. Sam discusses her trust issues privately with Bret. Breaking format, Bret surprisingly eliminates Rodeo first.Lacey uses her animal rights viewpoint to antagonize Dallas.Dallas calls her a hypocrite, citing the fact that Bret wears leather and snakeskin.Lacey argues with Dallas about the treatment and rights of animals. Bret is hooked up to a penile plethysmograph, a device that measures the blood flow to the penis. At elimination Rodeo once again receives the first pass. bad girls) and now must compete against one another in a motocross relay race.Rodeo, Erin, and Lacey rate the best results and win a date with Bret. The date is a trip to Jim Henson Studios, where the women record parts to complete a song Bret is recording with producer Don Was. Erin comments on Brandi C.'s "meth-scratched face," which Brandi C. After a few lessons from nine-time national motocross champion Mercedes Gonzales and professional mx instructor Charity Okerson, the women are ready to ride.

Lacey pulls Jes into the pool, which infuriates Jes. Heather tells Bret that Erin is engaged and is supposed to be married soon. Erin and Heather then argue in front of Bret, pissing him off. First aired July 29, 2007 The women have formed in-house alliances (good girls vs.Bret gives his first pass to Rodeo, followed by Heather, Jes, Sam, Brandi M., Magdalena, Faith, Tamara, Mia, Erin, Dallas, Tawny, Lacey, and Kristia. finally receives her pass and Bret also allows Tiffany to stay.Jessica, Bonnie, Lauren, Krista, and Raven are eliminated.The remaining women celebrate, but Rodeo realizes she misses her 7-year-old son. Lacey sings while Erin fearfully plays the tambourine. Mia and Rodeo's rock song lyrics reflect Rodeo's desire to see her son. Heather and Magdalena are taken for sushi at The Geisha House, where Bret presents each with an electric guitar.Emotionally fragile, she leaves the party in tears. The women are paired up and told that they are to compose lyrics for a track from Bret's solo album (a ballad or a rock song), which they will perform for the two judges: Bret and radio personality Richard Blade. Bret pays more attention to Heather stating that he thinks Heather could be the one.

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Rock of Love's storyline revolves around twenty women and the conflict that arises as they compete against each other to prove that they have the potential to be Michael’s perfect "Rock Star Girlfriend." Michaels and the contestants stay in the same house used for the Los Angeles location of the American television reality show America's Next Top Model.

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