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This never used to be particularly noteworthy - everyone bundled weekend calls of some sort in with their line rental - but in the past year Sky and Plusnet have joined Talk Talk and some of the smaller ISPs in stripping inclusive calls of any sort from their basic line rental.As well as offering weekend calls, there are various other call options: Outside of any bundled calls, there's a flat rate fee of 10p per minute to UK landlines, with a call connection fee of 16p.

As mentioned above, until recently the Post Office were one of the few ISPs to still offer a capped data package - and the cap was one of the lowest around at just 10GB.That comes at the cost of a longer contract - unusually for a standard broadband provider, the Post Office insist that customers commit for at least 18 months.At least unlimited customers are now subject to a much fairer fair use policy.It's difficult to see straight off what kind of speeds the Post Office actually offer their users, as they don't actually display any "up to" information on their website: would-be customers must click through to get an estimated download speed for their line.This is in part a hangover from the days when they offered a slower connection, and in part as a result of changes to industry guidelines on advertised speeds.

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Like the companies who resell BT broadband, the companies that resell Talk Talk's services only use the bigger ISP's network - the customer service, traffic management policies and pricing structures are all the Post Office's own.

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