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The player didn't operate correctly and the install didn't go as normal although it said it said it worked.I placed the burned ISO disc in the tray and it did it's thing and then ejected the disc and kept on doing it's thing. I powered it back on and it took forever to get to the 'set language' part. I spoke to a guy at Samsung before this upgrade came out.We're reluctant to do anything about that, if if gives us playback problems. I've just updated to ver 1.8, however, both my newly purchased DVDs Iron Man and Indiana Jones don't play. Then I went and upgraded the firmware to the latest version from the Samsung website (version 1.9).We have Die Hard 4.0 and Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer. Now blu-ray discs that used to work freeze up or are jumping, and the majority of discs I rent now won't even play. MARKER Button ZOOM Button Enlarges photos on a disc (BD/DVD). When you control the types of BD/DVDs that your password 1. SUBTITLE Button Press this to access various audio functions on JPEG discs.I tried watching The Fifth Element on this the other night, I had to power off the player half way through as the audio started dropping out, then the picture started to drop out. the same thing happened with Black Hawk Down, but Close Encounters of the Third Kind played fine. Couldn't get it to play Taken (flashing lights then dead) so tried the upgrade CD (burnt on a Mac, the manual didn't say PC-only but then the manual doesn't say much) which it didn't recognise. Then tried connecting it to the internet for an online upgrade, and it wouldn't connect. I bouth Terminator 2, Skynet Edition and I put it on my Blu-ray, a Sumsung BD-P1400. I made the fireware update and it still doesn't work. I was hoping the latest firmware update it would be fixed but no such luck. Not only does my t2 not work im finding lots of blu rays are not working. i will stick with their tv's but their players blow.

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The only difference I noticed was the main menu systems on Disc 1 and 2 looked different and I was able to maneuver faster on the icons of the Interactive "Enter the maelstrom" feature on disc 2. I have recently contacted them regarding the T2 Skynet Edition.

I wish they could update our players so it can play Picture-in-picture bonus features included in recent BD titles such as Resident Evil: Extinction. including " The Sentinel , Rising Sun , Stir of Echo's and more . The only reply I received is that they currently have no update at this time.

The remote control also did not operate the player at all. He said that the new Die Hard and Pirates discs would not play at all in the BD-P1400 until this upgrade. The machine has played every disc absolutely faultlessly since day one.

I had to remove the batteries from the remote and hold down some buttons for several minutes to drain the microprocessor and then replace the batteries. I own neither of those discs so I would like to hear from somone who does and see if this is true. We did install firmware update 1.1 (via DVD-RW) as many of our discs had DTS-HD Master Audio.

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