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The surprise success of “Cosmos” has spurred talk of a second season.

You know, I like girls, but I’m not a big gambler.’ If this man has any foibles at all, he’s far too smart to reveal them in a phone call to a journalist.

Mac Farlane acknowledges that his first serious album, ‘Music is Better Than Words’, is a side gig.

It’s something he enjoys doing away from the pressure of relentlessly busting taboos in his screen work.

“Ted” also earned Mac Farlane an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

If that’s not enough to make you resent him, Mac Farlane has played Carnegie Hall, hosted the Academy Awards, is an accomplished singer and pianist, and holds the kind of power that convinced Fox television to remake Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos,” and Universal Studios to take a chance on the long-dead Western-comedy genre with “A Million Ways to Die In the West.” The result…

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But because you have an 80-piece orchestra, and orchestrations that take themselves seriously, plus a lyrical structure that strives to be as honest as anything from Broadway, it provides you with a cushion for bad taste.

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