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There could be many things holding your guy back from saying “I love you.” Fear of rejection could be a huge factor in why your significant other isn’t showering you with love.Denise Christopher, a dating and relationship coach and founder of the love and date consulting website, says that you shouldn’t worry if your guy hasn’t said “I love you” yet.Salama says that, “” READ MORE: Further advice from Salama – How to build trust in a relationship Once you’ve caved in and said the three magic words, what’s next?Do you open the flood gates and profess your love daily, or leave ‘I love you’ for birthdays and the odd special occasion?The majority (49%) of the 5,300 survey respondents said 6 months was the ideal duration.In comparison, 9% would wait at least a year, whilst an eager 7% would drop the l-bomb after dating for just a week! Salama says, “if you say ‘I love you’ after a short period of time together, it could indicate that you are not seriously thinking about the meaning of the words or that the words are not that important to you.’ Here’s how you can find out if the man you’ve been dating is really into you What is considered as a premature proclamation of love?

Likewise, If your partner says ‘I love you’ before you are ready to respond in the same way, you shouldn’t feel pressured to reciprocate.I had no idea if she loved me and I didn’t want to get rejected.That would just be awkward.” Unhealthy relationships from the past could also be a contributing factor.“I dated my girlfriend for six months before I told her I loved her,” says Scott*, a sophomore at the University of Washington.“I knew I loved her after about three months, but I was so afraid to tell her that I just couldn’t say it.

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