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I have friends who are lesbian, I have friends who are gay. For me, I’ve never played a lesbian before and I think it’s awesome.

As a learning experience playing this love for someone on camera and having it be a women was very interesting because I’m straight and I’ve only done it with men on camera. And I truly hope each person who believes differently from her religion would work to change its discriminatory practices. And you are perfectly entitled to feel disappointed and upset.

Laura has said in a 2007 Women’s Health magazine interview that she is a Scientologist, though it’s not totally clear if she’s still involved with the church. Both actresses, regardless of their religions, have signed on to play overtly lesbian or bisexual roles on television shows with overtly lesbian and bisexual content.

These are not shows that stumbled upon their LGBT content during sweeps week.

And that is being incredibly gracious about my opinion.

But I will also be completely honest and say that I do not indisputably know either women’s level of involvement in their respective churches. Rachel has tweeted about being at Mosaic and has also mentioned a short film she worked on with Mc Manus in a May interview with the blog No White Noise.

You are mad that they talked about their religions at all. Though it should be noted that Rachel was specifically asked what projects she was working on besides “Lost Girl” in the interview in question. Thing is, when we start telling people what they can and cannot say about something that matters in their lives, then how different are we than the people who tell us what we can or cannot say about ourselves? Certainly, one could argue that simply being a part of or participating in a church that feels we are not totally equal is in itself is an act of homophobia.

The people who tell us to keep our lives quiet and stop being so blatant and other words synonymous for “couldn’t you please just be invisible.” I will not be invisible. And if we truly are in a battle for the hearts and minds for those people and organizations that do not accept us, we will need people on our side on the inside. Calling someone a homophobe is a powerful thing not to be taken lightly. It’s a thorny morale balancing act and one I myself find problematic.

Which leads me to the recent heated fandom debates – to put it very mildly; you should see the email folder I’ve made for all the messages – over Rachel Skarsten of “Lost Girl” and most recently Laura Prepon of “Orange Is the New Black.” Both have been tied to churches that are reportedly anti-gay.

My father was a scientist and my first paying job was collecting data in his lab.

Just as I am free to not believe, they are free to believe. But as long as they don’t actively condemn me for my non-belief, I will not actively condemn them for their beliefs.

These are shows that wore it proudly from the start.

Hell, we saw hot lesbian shower action in the first 10 seconds on OITNB.

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