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People still tend to think ill people are dangerous and implusive people. Knowing the truth at the beginning really allows you to handle certain situations you might find yourself in when in the relationship, and believe me you will encounter one with time.

However, if you knew someone was schizophrenic at the start will you wanna continue with the realtionship, i dunno if I would.

"I've been single most of my life for that reason," she said.

Elizabeth Barrett, who created the site with a partner in Denver, Colo., said she observed from her work with people with mental illness that those in strong relationships are more likely to thrive. "They tend to stay out of the hospital." Couples in which both partners struggle with mental illness can share their experiences and help keep each other out of trouble.

"I came in contact with quite a few adults with mental illness in jail," she said.

"A lot of people with significant mental illness tend to isolate." Social withdrawal can lead to hospitalization or even suicide, she said.

"We've been seeing quite a bit of each other," Lynne said. I would have to talk to her in depth,and family memberssorry,but my ex-girl friend's mom was bipolar and she would really go offthe deep end.scary in fact Your right Scott, it would be very useful to know that at the beginning of a relationship if that was the case.Being ill is really tough, and society has this huge misconception about ill people, well after "A Beautiful Mind" things has changed.By the way were you aware that 20% of the Canadian population deals with some form of mental illness?Don't fool yourself mental illness itself may not directly fatal but is the cause of far to many suicides.

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The direct result of the doctor shortage up here leaves many people unable to get treatment for anything requiring a specialist.

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