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His name was redbull many woman suspected he was married but were too dumb to put two and two together. I was only on oasis a short time and yes there are some crazy people on there but after a few days I starting talking to my now partner and thanks to oasis or we would never have met!

Not only is he my best friend he's my beautiful loving partner..Thankyou Oasis I had been on and off oasis for a few years.

is based on an advertising revenue model, in that it earns its revenue by selling ad space on the oasis site pages.

I don't think so, executives/professionals arent stupid with bad communication skills and mental health dont read profiles before asking for contact, make excuses not to meet in person or hardly communicate when added on contact list.wasters with low self esteem, anger management problems, scary and all get away with abusing genuiene women online and haven't got one commonsense to treat someone with respect and honesty.

Terrible site that match you with psychos or outdated profiles! Met up with a lot of woman and lied about everything about him.

Sites do generally log you as when you were last online.

Are you looking for new friends, dates or a serious relationship? Over 150,000 members join the Oasis Network every month!

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With Oasis you get a bit more information about members, making it easy to find people near you who share similar interests and lifestyles.

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