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Linkletter graduated from Grand Forks Red River High School in 2003, and attended the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and St. Cloud, Minnesota as a marketing major; she is currently attending California State University Northridge.

Linkletter is currently signed with Nous Model Management (L.

But for a few years now, Mora has taken a break from all the posing and giving good face to show off her vocal talents as the lead singer for the bands, Chewing Pics (which disbanded in 2009) and Galaxy of Tar.

Linkletter appeared in Cycle 5 of the show after auditioning for the show at the Mall of America.

Source: just-chen.Bre Scullark Harlem’s own Bre Scullark was a Cycle 5 standout thanks to her awesome skills and a personality that you either loved, or would let rub you the wrong way.

Baby girl wasn’t apologetic about it and instead, often chose to fight fire with fire (remember when she threw away all of ‘ol girl’s energy drinks and the girl didn’t even do anything to her? In the end, she made it to the final three, but was kicked off soon after she and the last two contestants made it to London for their final showdown.

She is currently signed to Ford Models and through them, has showed off her fierce walk for folks like Valentino, BET’s “Rip the Runway” and Nicole Miller.

She’s also done her fair share of ads and commercials (I KNOW you peeped her out in that Ambi ad! She also does her video girl thing from time to time, showing up in clips for Ruben Studdard, and most recently, as Wale’s boo in the “Lotus Flower Blomb” video.

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Her television credits include appearances on The Tyra Banks Show.

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