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We’re going to base our decision on what’s best for our daughters.” The city district voted to disband after determining that a new Republican majority in the state Legislature could pass legislation long sought by Shelby County Schools to create a special school district, said Martavius Jones, president of the Memphis City Schools Board of Commissioners.Such a district could create its own tax zone and potentially try to end its tax liability to the inner-city schools, he said.

The two sides reached a deal Tuesday, so school should begin as planned on Monday, The Commercial Appeal reported. Memphis’ economy also has been slow to recover from the recession, with foreclosures, a decline in tourism and the lack of a substantial high-tech sector slowing progress, The Commercial Appeal reported recently.Residents of suburban Shelby County — in which the city is located — did not have a vote, and the county Board of Education sued to block the merger.Its chairman, David Pickler, refers to the unfolding events as part of a “hostile surrender” of his 47,000-student, 52-school district.Ken Hoover, who has three children in the Shelby County Schools and owns an Internet software business, shares those concerns.He opposes the merger and has formed a committee with other parents to explore setting up a small municipal school district.

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