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A 21-year old right back, Murillo has been rumored to join the club for a couple weeks now, a move hinted at recently by WFAN’s Glenn Crooks who tweeted that a signing from Panama was forthcoming. The two swore they’d work together again, and after some failed projects, they finally have. The 89th annual award ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, and will be hosted by first-timer Jimmy Kimmel. Sometimes they’re operating on erroneous assumptions. And you know what happens when you assume: you make an ass of yourself and a 0 million movie. The American Museum of Natural History has brought out dozens of never-before-seen fossils for a new exhibit, Sauropods at the Museum.Wolff co-stars in “In Dubious Battle,” based on John Steinbeck’s novel and directed by Franco himself. RELATED: Our thoughts (and grumblings) about the 2017 Oscar nominations The front-runners for the Best Picture trophy are "La La Land" and "Moonlight," and this Isabelle Huppert may very well steal Emma Stone's Oscar for her blistering turn in "Elle." The full list of nominees can be found here. When the Internet pounces on, say, the white casts playing Egyptian characters in “Exodus: Gods and Kings” or “Gods of Egypt,” it’s sending a message to not do this again — even though we all know they will anyway. The towering veggiesaurus with a long neck and tail (you probably know it from “The Land Before Time”) is among the giants of the Jurassic Period, 150 million years ago.Marcus and Joni reside in Dallas with their three children, Jonathan, Rachel and Rebecca. One Texas family just discovered some unwanted stinging squatters in an old trailer on their property.The Eagles stretched a bit when they drafted Marcus Smith first overall in the 2014 NFL draft.And it showed, as Chip Kelly and his 3-4 defense more or less ignored Smith and his "first round talent." The former Louisville pass-rusher was repeatedly benched and asked to play out of position.A 21-year old right back, Murillo has been rumored to join the club for a couple weeks now, a move hinted at recently by WFAN’s Glenn Crooks who tweeted that a signing from Panama was forthcoming. Arguably the biggest signing of the offseason is on tap for the New York Red Bulls with a team source telling Metro that a signing to the team’s backline is imminent. Down in New Orleans, the annual pre-Lenten citywide celebration begins on Twelfth Night on Jan. Parades and parties pick up steam in the weeks following, with Fat Tuesday as the final blowout.

A chance."I think its better suited for me," Smith said Tuesday of Schwartz' 4-3 defensive scheme, "better suited for the defensive line."The mantra of the Schwartz defense seems to be less is more.It's just one chapter in a bizarre recent chain of events within the Birds' storied franchise.And while Le Sean Mc Coy's trade to the Bills in 2015 helped the Eagles gain a draft pick asset that eventually helped them trade for the pick that wound up being Carson Wentz, Mc Coy's departure left a sour taste in everyone's...Focusing on less means more productivity."I like it a lot," Smith, who had just 1.5 sacks and three tackles in 2015, said. You can key in on smaller things that we do, I think it is very beneficial. You don't want to think too much, you want to be able to go for the ball, make plays …it's a great feeling with coach coming in here saying 'you can just go, we will tailor what you do to what your game is.'"Smith says he grew up a lot sitting on the sidelines, simultaneously trying to learn Kelly's system and make the sort of impact a first-round pick should make.

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