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"Might be snow on the roof, but there's fire in furnace." Many "Pretty Young Thangs" like you, have said the same kinda thangs. Ah Lisa is dating and fucking the shit out of entertainment mogul Devyne Stevens. He's been a dog so I'm sure all his baby mamas will be happy if she breaks his heart. Ms Raye finds Mr Sharptons influence and political savvy appealing perhaps ? Nothing about this is either shocking, disturbing or distressing. I knew something wasn't right when I spotted them together at the airport in D. Lisa Ray is a second tier actress who is, in my opinion, a low class HO!!! Pretender to the Throne Prime Minister whatever he was mackin' to be abusing her and carrying on, Rev Al will be a cakewalk! Some men do not know how to love and show women respect. I know you like older men, but can you get a decent one, for goodness sake. Don't want to scare anybody or bring religion into just anything, but I'm sorry with all these things going on all over the world, the world is definitely coming to an end. Sometimes i wonder about the primitiveand backward ways in which my community thinks. They were laughing and talking at the security checkpoint and seemed to enjoy each other's company, but it was just a weird sighting. It looks like they are a couple - but I just don't want to think it could be so - ewwww! So what...after that nut case she married before ... Go to TMZ video to see for yourself its all for show. If the two are happy together, stop hating and show the two some love. and now Lisa goin' in on viagra "do grow" Al Sharpton. Mila (mariah bey justin and michael fan): hey hes actually only about 15 years older than her.who cares adults are adults and can date whoever they want I’m 22 and i like an 18 year old… I was at Toscana West Saturday night and saw them together. I have not seen his name on the top 100 Forbes list. if this is a true relationship - love - for what it is--why not?In the above pic, they were boo'd up at a Gala afterparty at Toscana West. » Our Fave Black Women In The Industry SIZZLED At The 2017 ESSENCE Black Women In Music Event » Naomi Campbell Rocks Bold Versace Dress To Honor Donatella Versace, Zoe Kravitz Cuddles With Bae Celebs Rack Up Wins At 2017 African American Film Critics Awards» Solange’s Grammy Afterparty Was A Royal Affair - Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, Jay Z Were Lit» Mya Drops Sensual Beachside Visuals For ‘Coolin’ JHud, Chance The Rapper, BBD & More Make Clive Davis' Grammy Party Class » Exes Chris Brown & Karrueche Celebrate Chance The Rapper’s Grammy Wins Gucci Mane Parties In Miami With Lil Wayne For His Birthday » RUMOR CONTROL: The CBC EXPOSES Trump's Lies Rep. Cummings Says Trump Made Up Story About Meeting » #GRABYOURWALLET: Nordstrom's Stock Skyrocketed After Trump Dragged Them And Celebs Led Charge To Shop There» Larenz Tate Makes A 'POWER' Move For Season 4 Of STARZ Series Kanye West FLIPS The Script On Donald Trump» Cardi B Drops A “Lick” With Migos Rapper Offset After Dating Rumors Circulate Mary J.And below, we spotted them at the Gala together with friends. Blige Pours Her Heart Out On "U Me" » Did Couple The Weeknd & Selena Gomez DISS Justin Bieber On New Tracks?!

Also, we know it’s Twitter, but how about a little editing, Al? Here's what we know: A few weeks ago our source (a MAJOR publicist in the industry who shall remain nameless) told us that Al and Lisa Raye--both barely divorced--are indeed together now. She's also starved for media attention--surprise surprise--so Al is her "In" into that world. Chris Brown, And Here’s Why» Charles Oakley Gives His Side Of The Crazy Fight That Got Him Arrested At The Knicks Game» FOOLYWANG OF THE DAY: Trump's Black History Month 'Meeting' Transcript Is The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever» Soulja Boy Got Jacked On Live Stream While Walking Through The Hood -- Or Did He?! The has learned that Al Sharpton has been getting it in for the last few months with none other than Lisa Raye. " The answer is because Lisa knows she's not getting into any of these "society and political" events without a man who could bring her along. I was in VIP at the Roland Martin party at Toscana West and they were both there dancing and having a great time. I think they are together out in public but it's really just for publicity purposes and to keep each other relavent. Lisa Raye makes no qualms about the fact that she’ll show up at the ribbon cutting of a Piggly Wiggly if it brings some shine her way. I’m just smdh at the foolishness & throwing up in my mouth a little too. » EXCLUSIVE: Woody Mc Clain Says He Was Hurt After Getting Blasted For Racial Joke, But He Learned A Valuable Lesson » EXCLUSIVE: Bow Wow Isn’t Betting On Soulja Boy vs.And Al–well he’s just happy to say he can have a chick that looks like Lisa Raye on his arm and whose perm looks better than his. Sharpton was indeed coupled up with Lisa Raye as he brought her as his date to every event.In the above pic, they were boo’d up at a Gala afterparty at Toscana West.

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I didn't believe it at first, but at the Congressional Black Caucus events this weekend in DC--Mr. A.» BFFs Kelly Rowland & La La Anthony Take Over The Big Apple North & Saint West Dine With Mom Jurnee Smollett & Family Arrive In L. » COUPLES & FRIENDS: John & Chrissy, FKA Twigs & Fiancé Robert Pattinson's Red Carpet Love Ashanti & Ja Rule Are Still Rocking Shows » BAE TIME: Mariah Didn't Let Wardrobe Malfunction Stop Her Courtside Cuddling With Bryan Tanaka» COUPLES ON V-DAY: Everybody Was Publicly Staking Claims On BAE» DAMN!

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