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No distinction between "in my class(e)" and "not in my class(es)"?

If s/he is not responsible for the person's grades (even blinded), and there is no potential for favoritism (insofar as the student is not the beneficiary of anything at all, grades, references, etc), then can someone please explain who is harmed, and why that harm should trump the right of consenting adults to arrange their personal lives off campus as they see fit?

I find it depressing that the original post refers to undergraduates, folks who are 18-21 or older, as non-adults.

They're old enough to enjoy the franchise, but apparently incapable of consenting to have sex with a faculty member.

The discussion of the distinction between undergraduates and law students was based on speculation as to why the rules might differ, and I agree that the rules should be the same.

Regardless of age, students are students, and the teacher-student relationship should be held in the highest esteem, without being diluted or prejudiced by non-professional (and unprofessional) feelings.

Perhaps schools turn a blind eye because law students are adults – in contrast to undergraduate students – and, in theory, they are thus freer to make decisions about whom to date, much like people who date co-workers.

But what about unwanted attention or a perceived inability to say no?

And if a school were to lose Professors because of an anti-dating policy, it is hard to see how the school is not better off.

Whether or not students are adults, in all of their interactions with professors -- the people who will be grading them and responsible, in non-trivial ways, for their professional life course -- it should be crystal clear to all involved what is on the table and what is not.

I don't think this is a close question, even as I acknowledge that it happens not infrequently, including among people I know and respect.

These same women will tell her friends and complain about harassment if a "low" level guy in the office hits on them or if he is "looking" at them.

But if a "winner" makes the move on these same women it is often very welcomed.

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If there is a youngish person working as a research assistant in the law library or as a secretary, they should be able to consider the student body as part of their dating pool.

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