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Due to previous contractual obligations, Depp shot all his films in one take over one day.The three actors donated their wages to Ledger's daughter Matilda who had been accidentally left out of his will.2/27 Jon-Erik Hexum / when he became bored onset.The pair came across an 8-foot-wide stingray; after filming the stingray for a while, it ended up attacking Irwin.

By the time he was diagnosed with an aortic dissection it was too late, and he died during surgery, a mere six days before his 55th birthday.

They all have one morbid thing in common: They died from incidents that occurred while on the set of the show or movie they were filming.

Here’s a look at 10 actors whose lives ended before they finished filming their projects.

Lee was hit in the abdomen by a projectile, and he died later that day at the age of 28.

Director Alex Proyas used a double and some special effects in order to complete the movie, according to , the silent-film star was sitting in a car taking a break in between takes.

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