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[8] In the seduction community, a site called The, motto: “the science of The original application of “science” to the matching of singles, via the Internet, was the use of personality assessments, e.g.

the Big Five, the one most often employed by psychologists to access personality, to better match individuals.

The theory of desired dissimilar immune system matching can be quantified according to markers on a person’s major histocompatibility complex (MHC), a large gene region that controls the immune system response, and postulates that couples attracted to this type of scent owing to the result that a resultant child would create a more robust immune system, more defensive against a greater variety of pathogens.

In the mid 1970s, MHC-dissimilar tendency matching was shown to be the case for mice (and later for other animals such as fish) and in 1995 Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind, creator of the sweat T-shirt study, proved that the pattern holds for humans.

A firsthand report from the front lines of an unprecedented social experiment.) The Atlantic Monthly, March.

Gasner states that he calculated this ratio via the ‘obvious math: (1/10)x(1/10)x(1/10) leading to the conclusion that 1 in 1,000 females was a marriage-level match’.

An overview of the most important players in developments in the online dating industry in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Online Dating and Dating Industry Conference covers business management of Internet Dating and Social Networking. The next trade show is scheduled in The Sportsmen's Lodge in Los Angeles, USA and takes place on June 1-2, 2017.

” She found that, “while e Harmony is launching an ambitious research project to do just that, Mr.

Compatibility testing and long-term relationships, in particular, started in the mid-1950s by the “Father of American Marriage Counseling” Paul Popenoe and was later refined and popularized in the mainstream by Glenn Wilson and Jon Cousins.

[10]The use of the harder sciences, such as evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, genetics, chemistry, neurochemistry, biochemistry, or physical chemistry, etc., however, to facilitate the successful matching of singles, is a relatively new field of research.

By having singles send in saliva samples, the site facilitates a laboratory analysis of each person's immune system type and, using this data, claims to create optimized “physical chemistry” or "sexual chemistry" between people based on the sweaty T-shirt study, a pattern, discovered in 1995, which finds that people are most attracted to the smell of people who have the most-dissimilar immune system.

[4] The site was conceived by Holzle, a long-time internet site dater, after watching a TV discussion on the findings of the sweaty T-shirt study.

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