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As we follow Tre Styles from childhood toward becoming a young adult (as played effectively by Cuba Gooding, Jr.), and attempting to dodge, with the cautious guidance of his parents, the many dangers and risks associated with growing up in inner-city America, the sense of ever-present danger and, often, hopelessness associated with attempting to avoid falling into the cracks of society is abundantly clear.

In the role of Tre's troubled friend Dough Boy, Ice Cube is something of a revelation, and his balanced performance, alongside Singleton's excellent script, prevent him from becoming merely another gangster caricature.

It comes across as a quick cash grab with an inane plot, although it is filmed well and the actors aren't too bad so it can't be completely condemned.

If you just want to turn your brain off then go for it, but even in those regards this film could have exploited its premise to make it a much more enjoyable brainless watch.

Start off 2017 by catching up with old contacts and making new ones at Eddie V’s in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Drink specials will be offered along with appetizers – making for a fun night to network and get back into the swing of things after the holidays!

Two homies, Smokey and Craig, smoke a dope dealer's weed and try to figure a way to get the 0 they owe to the dealer by 10 p.m. In that time, they smoke more weed and get jacked and shot at in a drive-by.

Steve Walsh is living the high life but it's a life built on the ruin of other people's dreams.

Peter Farrell is a man with nothing left to lose and there is nothing more dangerous than a man seeking retribution.

After an all-night graduation beach party, a group of hung-over twenty-somethings awake to a beating sun, and a seemingly carnivorous beach that devours anything with a heartbeat that touches the sand.

Fern Petersen, a driven high school senior, has her life turned upside down when her overly affectionate boyfriend, Robert Klingher, dies in an embarrassing accident. See full summary » When a terrified family flees a desolate southern New Zealand farmhouse, two cynical scientists and a young psychic are sent to investigate their claims of a haunting. See full summary » For years, the old woman in the woods has secretly kept the wolves of the forest at bay.

But when the woman dies, the creatures suddenly attack the residents of a nearby small town.

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