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But first we must learn three simple things about how energy heat flow works. Or the truly brave approach, "I haven't got a clue".What happens when you put a cup of hot liquid on the counter in the kitchen? In this page, and others, we'll talk about where the "hotness" went.But, because of heat flow, they have to have good dry fur or feathers, or a good layer of blubber, and plenty of high energy food to keep that body heat coming. Energy as heat is always flowing out of, and into, your body.When you put on a jacket in the winter, or wear shorts on a hot day, you are adjusting your heat flow, trying to help your body keep its temperature very close to 38 degrees C (98.6 deg. It's dangerous to be too hot and dangerous to be too cold.The hot stuff has more energy in its atoms than the stuff that is cooler.The higher energy atoms transfer their energy to the lower energy atoms.This type of energy transfer from one place to another place is driven by differences in temperature and is called heat flow.It is a really big deal - one of the major driving forces of nature (if you're interested in major driving forces - and who isn't?

It has to be that way because energy can't just disappear into nothingness. The energy in the cup moves, as it always does, from the hotter "stuff" to the cooler "stuff".

- not to be confused with Tiger Woods or Barry Bonds).

You can't use heat flowing into your body as energy like you can use the energy in food. Animals in cold climates don't have to burn as many calories in the summer as in the winter. This man had to cover himself with longjohns and many other layers in order to stay warm while his active daring children ice skated and kept warm with hardly any layers because they were generating a lot more internal energy by exercising while he stood around like a sissy.

When temperatures are the same there is no change in energy due to heat flow.

Radiation and Conduction are the two methods of heat transfer. Heat has the units of energy; heat flow has the units of power.

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