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If you've recently reentered the dating scene after a little hiatus that we call "marriage," here's some battle gear to help you prepare to date 2012-style.In the last 10 years, the dating scene has changed tremendously.Further, the dating arena has changed for all who date due to the impact of the Internet.Historically, the average age for a woman to get married had been only 21, however, the average age for a woman to get married is now over twenty-five .The good news is that meeting people is easier than it's ever been before and there are now tons of matchmaking outlets that weren't available before you tied the knot.

Research paper topics on dating may include the following: Dating trends for those over thirty have changed in the past decades due to the increased numbers of people over thirty who are actively dating either due to divorce or the social trend to put off marriage until one is older.

Some Meetup groups are specifically geared towards those looking for love, while other gatherings are for adventure-seeking pals with similar hobbies, who might just happen to be single.

Either way, it's a great venue to expand your dating portfolio.4.

From gender roles to technology, now that you're back in the game, here's some information need to know before taking a plunge into the dating pool. Online Dating: What started with weirdos lurking in the dark behind sticky computer screens has become one of the top three ways to meet a mate.

The expansion of mobile features, which allows you to access your profile on your smartphone, has made dating on the web even more accessible.

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So while you might have felt pressure to get hitched before, choosing to be single or cohabitating with someone you do not intend to marry (or living the cougar/vulture lifestyle) are all acceptable in any circles now.

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