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After taking over the showrunner reins last season, Jan Nash had the foreboding task of dealing with star Lee Thompson Young's death before diving into anything else.So, the promise of Season 6 offered a bit of a reset."We wanted to start fresh in Season 6 ..."I do think when you get to the end of the season, you look back and see that the episodes tie together from the perspective of stories. When they do figure out what's going on, it'll take a while to catch the perpetrator.There will be some themes related to what we mean to each other. It will become increasingly clear that Jane is in danger.

"We wanted to introduce someone who would get under her skin a little bit. Maura eventually comes to accept that he's a little weirdo.

We're really trying to do new and meaningful things in Season 6."Here are five things to expect on the new season -- and one thing that you might wanna cross off your wish list. An (almost) season-long villain Toward the latter half of the season, Jane will get tangled up with a new villain and the arc will last through the end of year. There will be some fun elements involving Jane getting a bodyguard, things like that.

We want to give her a meaningful nemesis in addition to these [standalone episodes]."2.

The story of a family torn apart by secrets, this classy drama - which promises to expose the dark side of the Florida Keys - could very easily become your next Netflix addiction.

He may be a bona fide movie star these days thanks to his part as Q in the James Bond films, but Ben Whishaw will be indulging in some more spy-work on the small screen next year.

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She’s also looking into some happenings that seem to be from another dimension (something that could connect this season to multiple Marvel movies, now that the MCU extends past Earth).

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