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There’s a whole chapter on this very topic in the PDF of my Reiki book that you can download when you sign up for my free Reiki newsletter, but honestly, we can really only take our best guess.When a Reiki practitioner turns on their Reiki, they tap into an energetic flow guided by Spirit, God, All That Is, the One Creation… The Reiki practitioner is not doing the healing; they are just a hose for the healing energy to flow through.And I courses in the red rocks of my beautiful Sedona.Now, you can learn Reiki on your own time, at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.We start to believe false things about ourselves and how the world works, and those incorrect thought forms create painful emotions inside of us.We typically then shove those difficult feelings deep down inside ourselves instead of feeling them, since who wants to do that?Everything at its core is the same one thing, always existing in the eternal present.

Hence a common saying in Reiki circles that “our issues are in our tissues.” Luckily, in comes Reiki to the rescue!

Reiki works on anything that vibrates, which is basically everything in our multi-verse!

Since Reiki practitioners often put their hands in different positions on a person’s body during Reiki sessions, many people refer to Reiki as “hands-on-healing”.

Physical touch isn’t necessary to send a person Reiki, however, since space and time are really just constructs of our mind and don’t exist outside of it.

In the energetic reality we live in, everything is made up of energy, and the same one energy at that. There is only one energy expressing itself in countless ways, so everything is everywhere at the same exact time.

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