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For example, in the view of prominent Austrian economist Robert P.

In fairness to Radford himself, he recognized that “prison camp is not to be compared with the seething crowd of higglers in a street market, any more than it is to be compared with the economic inertia of a family dinner table.” But, as is often the case in economics, subsequent interpreters tend to underemphasize such subtle points as this.

The more closely we examine Radford’s fable, the less convincing it becomes. That ‘brand new society’ — with its cigarette currency and its pristine market — was a POW camp.” Far from being a stateless society or a paradise of market individualism, Radford’s POW camp was in fact… And that is not something we should allow ourselves to easily forget.

The traditional fairy tale goes something vaguely like this: once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a princess, some peasants, and perhaps also a Natalie Düwel-Bou Orm Here we have an unused box of ‘Wild Woodbine Cigarettes,’ produced by W. However, the real gem lies in a tiny piece of paper sandwiched between two cigarette packets. The box contains pristine packets of cigarettes, as fresh as when they were produced during World War Two. Was the sender ever able to reconnect with his/her friend? And that is how we got castles and expensive towers.But eventually the princess could not re-grow locks of hair quickly enough to cut them and package them into a sufficient number of locks to meet demand from the peasants and the frog, and so everyone began using gold instead.

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