Dating websites for disabled lesbians

I thought I was fortunate to have become disabled post-ADA.

But I discovered that was much like coming out as a lesbian post-Stonewall–a little better than before, perhaps, but definitely nowhere near equal to non-disabled people.

Many disabled LGBT people contacted me, feeling freed by the conversation I had started.They didn’t want their kids living in a closet like they'd had.According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “about 60 million people or one in five Americans is living with at least one disability and most Americans will experience a disability at some time during the course of their lives.” The largest minority group in America. But disability, like being LGBT, cuts across all strata of our society–race, gender, ethnicity, class, age.My income plummeted while my medical expenses soared. A stair glide to get from my first floor of my house to the second was equally expensive.The outside of my house was inaccessible due to the number of steps, which meant as long as I was in a wheelchair; I was also almost wholly in the house. A frightening, humiliating and infantilizing experience. Yet, as oppressive as the financial burdens of a debilitating, chronic, and yes, terminal disability were, the other burdens were worse. Physical disability can literally keep one housebound, as was the case for me, but hidden disabilities can make life a different hell to navigate.

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