Dating nice guys finish last

What women are attracted to are the positive traits that a bad boy has, not the fact that he knifed his grandmother.Women are attracted to the emotional whirlwind, confidence, high value assessment, ego boost that comes with being the only one who could tame him, and the chance to experience the feelings that come with pulling him out of darkness.In the West, the idea that women like bad boys has taken on such an air of truth that it almost seems laughable to question it.

You ain’t sitting up front Front is for the homies, you can sit in the trunk I never answer my phone whenever you call it And when the waiter brings the bill I never reach for my wallet Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash It’s not what I really want to do But you only date bad guys so I’ll give you my best try To treat you the way you want me to And Imma beat you in every competition Going out with the girls, you better get my permission Wait no! Wait let me speak your language Cows go mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash It’s not what I really want to do Oh..

So, what exactly is it that women find attractive about bad boys?

If these are the qualities that women find attractive in bad boys, it should be no surprise that, who we conceptualize as, nice guys lack these qualities.

What I find common in is their perpetuation of perfection. It’s ok, not to mind unfavorable behavior here and there but never pretend to be fine if you’re not. Trying too hard to make the courtship perfect also makes the courtship unrealistic.

Some men might argue that women have their priorities screwed up.

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