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You've got a long, challenging road ahead of you.Do your best to focus your attention on the end goal - and not the stumbling blocks in your path.Texts may lead to phone calls, but don't expect to hear from him when his new girl is hanging around.Contact may be sparse at first, but it will continue as long as you can stay positive and keep him interested.You can't just leap the chasm of no contact to suddenly getting back together.You have to build bridges along the way that allow that possibility to become more and more probable.When he feels comfortable enough, he will bring the subject up.No matter what he says about her, don't get caught saying anything negative.

You had your plan of attack in action - you were going to get him back and you knew exactly how to do it.

You need to at least give him the impression that you've moved on without him.

That way he won't be overly suspicious about your renewed interest in talking to him again. You're more interested than ever but for now that can stay your little secret.

You'll only raise his defenses sky high and make further communication awkward and tense - if it continues at all.

Once you've traded emails back and forth, you may be surprised to find a new text waiting for you.

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