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I try to make that happen by creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere where you can comfortably express yourself and where everything else can easily fall into place in an organic way.

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You hear a lot of advice when talking about headshots.

The photo is well-shot and composed, but the glint in my eyes makes it look like I'll either date you or kidnap you.” Why she chose it: "It screams 'spontaneous, adaptable, adorable.' Rough-and-tumble enough to house a burrito on the street, but still looks classy doing it. " Max weighs in: "I’m lonely and this burrito will keep me company more than you can" is what this photo really says.

Doesn’t show much, just your love of unhealthy food.

I will help you create headshots that are an asset to you and help complete the package that you bring to an audition or interview.

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Like this guy, Max Schwartz, an NYC-based photographer whose Craigslist ad for Tinder Headshots recently went slightly viral.

Conversely, if you are a very serious actor auditioning for more dramatic roles (soap operas, Shakespeare, etc.), then the contrast to your intense, dramatic headshot could simply be a closed-mouth smile with a wry sense of humor behind it, or whatever level of levity is most common in your day-to-day character.

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Afterwards we got snapping, gave our best Blue Steels, and in the end, came out with (kind of) better-looking versions of ourselves. I also look like your doctor on Zoc Doc.” Why he chose it: “My roommate (female) suggested I include a photo with ladies in my profile. The logic: It shows that attractive women like me (still single, ladies).

Why she chose it: “It was a good hair day for sure. Like a blonde Carmen Sandiego playing cards." Max weighs in: Mysterious. I would never be able to recognize her in real life. Because my friends pictured are attractive.” Max weighs in: This dude looks like a total player and not in a good way.

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