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I was really disappointed and embarrassed because his entire family knew he had it lying around. Compatibility is, in some part, an acceptance that another is just different than you.

I am not a gold digger, and am proud of being an independent woman. Are you willing to spend your life with a person who is like that?

After 2 years, you really should know each other well enough to communicate, and work together for the benefit of you both. And if you want a healthy relationship with him, you MUST communicate, even when it's uncomfortable. Examples: One Christmas I didn't have money because I lost my Job...and he would rather buy powder juice than buy a coke for dinner..makes more money than I do monthly...He might be eating out as an excuse to go out and take care of his addictions. If he is eating all three of his meals and spending ( a meal) a day on food that makes it 0 a month on food. Right now he is doing what you have allowed for two years. He either cares enough to explain his actions and try to fix things or he won't. Since I've been with my boyfriend, I've always had a problem with jealousy. Anyway, I try my hardest to control it and have been doing good until recently. dollars x 30 days equals 0 a month on eating out. Even 0/month on food, more on clothing and a lot of electronic gadgets and toys would be a lot of money, and at any rate he does seem to be focused only on himself... He sounds really cheap to me and being cheap and living with your parents at his age would make me wonder. He is going to a bachelor party this Saturday and will be going to a strip club. I have lost my boyfriend three days ago and all I could do is to cry. He was found lying on the corridor of his house by his mum.

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