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Some Dominicans will also withdraw, refuse to go out, refuse to meet people, refuse to work and refuse to share household expenses, rather spending all day in the home on line or on the phone.

This is a sign of a way of punishing the wife and him trying to assert his authority but it is abusive.

Usually they only become aware of this once the man has their visa to travel and they are living in the United States, Canada, UK or Europe.

Many will say to me that there were no signs and they had no idea why he had changed from a sweet loving and caring man to such a monster.

The same communication problem can arise when the couple does not speak the same language and neither has sufficient knowledge of the other’s language to communicate effectively. Touches, pinches or grabs you even though you ask him not to. This is not just the behavior of a sanky – this is a sign of abusive behaviour. He was part of an abusive family and has experienced abuse or seen it, so he will see it as normal and what happens in families. He has an alcohol or drug problem and becomes violent or abusive when intoxicated. He finds it hard to express his emotions and reacts violently or sulks when he does not get his own way. That is a standard Dominican trait, even in the language, the plate dropped itself or the tyre punctured itself. One minute in a great mood and the next badly behaved and abusive. The problem is that culturally violence and abuse are prevalent throughout the Dominican culture and taking a Dominican out of the country into somewhere where they are not in control can make any underlying abusive tendencies much more obvious.

The other, in my mind incredible, reason for the abuse, especially in the campos, is that the women have said to me that they would be concerned if their husband did not hit them, as by hitting them he is showing her that he loves her, as if he didn’t care if she looked at another man then it meant he did not love her. Extreme jealousy over ridiculous things which he may say is because he loves you, but this can escalate into domination. If he asks you to send him money over the phone or internet when you are living apart and you refuse, he will respond with anger, then cajoling, then loving, then more anger with swearing and telling you to go to hell or worse. If he starts to blame you and the way you are for the way he feels and acts, again that is a sign of abuse which can escalate. Loses his temper very quickly if things don’t go his way. Often you may have had no idea, and the abuse begins when he comes to your country. Why does the abuse increase after they arrive in Canada, US, UK or Europe?

According to Oxfam, nearly a quarter of all women between the ages of 14 and 49 have suffered abuse with the number of women killed increasing each year to around 250. There can be no doubt that many of the murders in the DR are fuelled by alcohol and economic problems.

But not only do you have to translate from Spanish into English so that you get it, firstly you have to translate from Dominican Man Spanish into Spanish and then into English. Time within a relationship is totally different from normal time. So lesson one is always make that translation and you will not be hanging around waiting.

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Rightly or wrongly, many Dominicans hate hate hate being told what to do.

I receive several emails from foreign ladies who have Dominican boyfriends or husbands asking for information or advice, so I thought it might be useful every so often to tell you what I have learned over the last 10 years, living with and then married to a wonderful Dominican man, and also bringing up two stepsons. Five minutes is up to an hour, or an hour and a half but never ever five minutes.

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  1. Going through my contacts on Facebook reminds me that my girlfriends of colour have all been single significantly longer than my White female friends, who are often in and out of dating and relationships. Some may argue that our standards our ‘too high’, but would anyone say this to an educated White woman who only wanted to date White men?