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Mission Statement: The Hartland Consolidated Schools, in cooperation with the community, will provide a positive environment for the development of productive and caring individuals of all ages.

By Dan Roberts Before I began working with SHP Leading Design, I was the superintendent of the Miami Trace school district in Washington Court House, Ohio.

Hartland Consolidated Schools' Board of Education, Administration and Staff would like to thank the Hartland community for its continued support of our schools and students.

It is only with this support that we can continue to provide our students with a premier educational experience. The instances of prescription drug abuse has sky rocketed in our country, especially by our youth, due to the accessibility of these medicines.

In addition to being inconsistent with some programs, there was also no continuity with some of the rules and regulations.

There were seven different Student-Parent Handbooks at the elementary level prior to consolidation with varying policies on everything from starting times to lunchroom behavior to absence reporting.

As written in a previous blog, there are a number of considerations districts need to evaluate before making the decision to consolidate.

For Miami Trace, the growing operating costs combined with the repairs needed for seven aging buildings made the decision easy.

This consistency ensures that the district was delivering on internal goals and meeting state educational requirements.

Unfortunately, when administrators and teachers are spread out at different buildings, it’s difficult to schedule these collaborative sessions.

Before consolidation, Miami Trace had one day per year where they were able to gather the entire district.

The Hartland Optimist Club "adopted" 45 Hartland families this holiday season.

With the help of individual families, lots of HCS clubs/sport teams/classrooms/departments, community businesses, and community organizations we will provide all of these families with gifts as identified by their wish lists, canned food provided by the HHS can drive, and potatoes and hams provided by the Optimist Club.

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The district also had the overwhelming support of the community and the staff.

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