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Contar con un certificado reconocido internacionalmente te abrirá puertas a nuevos mercados, mejorando la imagen de tu empresa tanto para clientes, proveedores como para trabajadores.Lograrás un mayor control de tu empresa, un importante ahorro de tiempo, eficiencia en tus procesos, conocerás el nivel de satisfacción de tus clientes además de tener la tranquilidad de cumplir con la legislación de aplicación en todo momento.Contact with animals can put the person at risk for worms, fleas, ticks, salmonella, campylobacteriosis, scabies, and possibly viruses. Human relationships with animals have been a topic of interest for people for hundreds of years.Tales of human-animal sexual contact can be found throughout ancient folklore and mythology.

In addition to the legal and health concerns, sexual contact with animals is usually considered a form of animal cruelty because it can seriously injure the animal, and the animal does not have the capacity to "give consent." While curiosity about sexual contact with animals may be normal, and people may develop emotional bonds with with pets or other animals, given these risks and concerns, it's probably best for zoophilia to remain within the realms of fantasy rather than practice.A fin de que las mejoras interfieran lo menor posible en su forma de trabajo diario.Ubicada en Vitoria-Gasteiz dando cobertura a País Vasco y provincias limítrofes.Zoophilia is sometimes distinguished from bestiality as incorporating a relationship or emotional attachment with an animal, in addition to sexual contact.Although data is scarce, we do know that having sex with animals may transmit infections.

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