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In contrast, most females did not ask anyone out on a first date in the past year.

We also asked how many times the survey participants had been asked out on a first date in the past year.

As can be seen in the histogram, males reported significantly more instances of asking someone out in the past year.

(Heads up: audio is a bit out of sync.) Today, Are Women Asking Men Out on First Dates? One might think that after decades of increasing equality between the sexes, women might be doing more of the asking.On average, males reported that they had been asked out about once.Females reported that, on average, they had been asked out about 5 times.However, this part of the courtship script -- female indirect nonverbal proceptive signaling and male direct verbal initiation -- apparently has not much changed.This suggests that something deeper than arbitrary social gender role assignments may be involved in the development and persistence of this robust sex difference.

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