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It was set in 7th century Mecca and documented the beginnings of Islam and the life and teachings of the prophet. This caused a stir because it was feared that the film would violate the strict Muslim belief (forbidden by Shari'a, Islamic holy law formed after Mohammed's death) that any representation of the Diety Allah or His Prophet Mohammed (and his immediate family including wives, daughters, and sons-in-law) could not be depicted on screen nor could his voice be heard.This sexually adventurous, lurid arthouse film about unadulterated desire deliberately broke the taboo in Japanese cinema against showing female pubic hair and sex organs.It caused a sensation - and lively discussion - at the Melbourne Film Festival in 1976 when first released.This disastrous opening unfortunately ruined US box-office for the controversial film, as various moviehouses were forced to cancel their showings due to political pressures and further fears of violence.Director Catherine Breillat's feature debut was this erotic drama with strong and shocking sexual content - it was made in 1975, but not released until 25 years later due to financial problems with Breillat's production company and controversy surrounding this sensational, raw and strange film.

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The most controversial and infamous sequence in the film was the depiction of the violent and disturbing practice of auto-erotic asphyxiation to aid their sexual excitement - first with her bare hands, and then with a red scarf.

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  1. slide Id=3592&img Collect Id=190&src=ad155| accessdate= 2008-01-02] She claims to have never thought of herself as womanly because she "always play [ed roles] and look and act 10 years younger than [she is] ", however as she explains, "Something magical happened when I turned 25 — I looked in the mirror and was like, You might not get carded for an R-rated movie anymore.