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You can chat (audio or video) with any other Skype user and you can do it free of charge.

You can chat (audio only) and send messages from Skype to a friend’s phone, but you will have to pay to access this functionality.

But the thing that made Skype a huge hit with users from all over the world is its chat functionality.

In this regard, there are two options at your disposal.

Refer testing parse deployment guide for more info.

Now that we have verified that messages are successfully being saved to your parse database, lets go ahead and build the UI to retrieve these messages.

We can deploy our own Parse data store and push notifications systems to Heroku leveraging the server open-sourced by Parse.

This is a primitive "polling" rather than the more efficient "push" technique for refreshing new messages - but will work for the purposes of this simple project.When you’re done typing, your message will be delivered in real-time.When that contact replies, the message will be replied to you in real-time as well.WARNING: Be sure to add the application name above after creating the custom Application class or the following code won't work!!Let's create an XML layout which allows us to post messages by typing into a text field.

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