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The lies are well intentioned, aiming to show you the “right” way to exercise.

“The charts assume function, balance, and postural correctness.

For now, simply notice the direction of your feet, and if necessary, adjust them inward as much as is comfortable. Egoscue says your hands should be at your sides, not in front of you, and you should be looking at the back of your thumb. Just doing this quick analysis should offer you some insight into the position you’re carrying yourself around in every day.

Once you’ve completed it, your next step is to take action.

It has been long drilled into our minds to focus on form to improve results and prevent injury. In the picture, a sketched person executes the move flawlessly with perfect form. The problem is that your body probably won’t allow you to do what’s shown on the poster, according to Pete Egoscue, Sonima's advisor and posture therapist whose methods are taught at more than 25 clinics worldwide.

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You have to know what the problems are before you can fix them.

And while a medical professional such as a physical therapist or chiropractor will have a deep level of knowledge as well as powerful resources such as an X-ray machine, you can gain a lot of insight into how your body is performing through a simple self-assessment.

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They assume people who come to the chart are going to be able to use the muscles that are shaded based on the exercise.” Fewer and fewer of us possess those attributes and abilities.

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