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Things only get more awkward from there when one of the girl’s pads dislodges itself from her bra cup and starts floating in the pool. All I have to say is, why, oh why do women continue to hook up with these lame a-holes?

Everyone knows who they are at this point—why do women not run the other way when they see them and the camera crew coming?

Besides, I was open to "making new friends" and "the possibility of surprising myself." Just to be sure, I checked his OKC answers to questions such as: "If one of your potential matches was overweight, would that be a dealbreaker? " (yes) and "If you meet someone and they are everything you are looking for, except their body type, do you give them a chance? Being spontaneous and open-minded seemed to have paid off. On date 3, he introduced me to his best friend and roommate, took me to IKEA to help him pick out a new mattress, put the moves on me, and awkwardly/adorably tried to kiss me when we said goodbye 12 hours later.

The chemistry between Eddy and myself was undeniably there. On date 4, we got very cuddly, he invited me for a sleepover, (which I thought was too soon) and he once again kissed me goodbye when I left.

A few days later, I decided to be brave and just ask.I was engaged in a hot make-out session with an even hotter Estonian man a mere two days later.I have three more dates lined up over the next week. I was mentally preparing myself for a "You're nice and all, but we should probably just be friends," because I figured that was probably the worst that could happen.In the "be careful what you wish for" category, his thoughtful response: Somehow, his assumption that we would "be friends no matter what" after telling me I'm too fat to be attractive, coupled with the implication that there could perhaps be something between us in the future (whether that would have been after I'd put myself through a strenuous diet and exercise regime or after he'd had a personality transplant, I'll sadly never know) brought a foul taste to my mouth.

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