30 year old dating younger man Video sex chat in chennai

And more often than not, the question is, “Is he too young for me?

” If you’re an older woman dating a younger man, is it doomed from the start or will you be happily ever after? It’s very possible that an older woman dating a younger man can have a lasting relationship and live happily ever after in Cougarville! ” However, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, you may want to proceed with caution. Here’s why: An older woman does pose an alluring challenge for a younger man.

There are many benefits to dating men who are younger than you, as well as potential pitfalls to look out for.

Our relationship experts share their best advice on the subject.

Another challenge is that most women want to be in a relationship with an “Alpha Male.” If, however, as an older woman you have a more difficult time letting him take the alpha role, you may ultimately end up feeling like you’re the one who’s “in charge.” It’s imperative that you stay in your feminine, even if you’re more financially stable, have more life experience than him, and are dying to tell him what you would do if you were in his shoes.

In order for the relationship to thrive, you must find places in the relationship where you can be in your feminine.

Some younger men feel like they can learn from her and that she has enough life experience for both of them.

If you’re confident that he loves you for a host of reasons beyond your looks and the ego boost he gets from “landing” you as his woman, then it’s imperative you trust him and the relationship you’re building (which is true in any relationship, regardless of age).Notes Some studies have shown that if a wife is five or more years younger than her husband, they’re much more likely to avoid divorce.However, other studies have shown that divorce rates have absolutely nothing to do with age differences between men and women.Ask him for help around the house, put him in charge of travel, let him cook you a special meal, and be comfortable in sharing your vulnerabilities with him.If you’re able to navigate gender roles and live in your SEXY Alpha FEMinine, the relationship can work for the long term.

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