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I was so blessed with laughter, joy, sadness, anger, and made me look at my own self and judge me as to who I am and my believes and as do I truly love others as I do myself. I gave your series a five star rating on my Netflix. Thank you so much to all the cast members, director, writer, the network, translators for making this drama. Respectfully, U have to watch this drama.^^ Base on the actress and the actor I thought that this drama will be good to watch. This drama is very fascinating, the plot is good and this drama teach us many things.

One thing for sure people are people no matter where they are in the world. I haven't gotten to the end yet, but I hope this doesn't end. This drama caught my interest from the very beginning and before I knew it, I was totally addicted to this series.Just like I kind of think that she may have had something to do with Seyoon's past lovers death?I could be wrong, but the woman from the orphanage sent her an anklet to go with the other that seems like it was more for a bond between two best friends and not a child.From hints throughout the series, to date, and supposed plot developments that may have come from knowledgeable sources, I will make a prediction.Those expecting early and unhindered development of of unalloyed romantic attachment of the series leads are to be sorely disappointed and those that persist to be tested for patience.

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I can't wait to see what k-drama you will make....not!

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