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If you want a review copy, please email me asking for a copy to review, and include your website name and address so I can make sure you're actually an affiliate instead of someone trying to get a freebie! I believe there is an abundance of customers in this market, and I am not afraid to "share the wealth" by endorsing other people's products if I feel they are good and my customers can benefit from them.Many merchants are very stingy with their email lists and customers, trying to hord them and keep them to themselves.If you are getting a decent amount of traffic to your site, you should be able to convert it into dollars.

But if you have a site and/or email list that falls in the following categories, you will find your traffic to be a good match for my product as well: I find that affiliates who feature my articles on their sites make the most sales.

The people who opt in are then entered into a tested and proven auto-responder sequence.

Most people will buy after multiple exposures over the course of 30 days.

The more people an affiliate gets to sign up for my email newsletter, the more money they tend to make over time, since most people buy only after an average of seven exposures to any given online product.

I've even had affiliates who stopped promoting my site (briefly) who continued to make money for months afterward due to people they sent to my newsletter buying from me.

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